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Stoneware cappuccino cup.
Hand handle.
Glazed in a deep turquoise colour in the outside and white on the inside.
Suitable for containing any type of beverage. 
Microwave safe. 
Dimentions:  8 cm height x 11 cm diameter approx.
This is a handmade item so dimensions can vary slightly.

Product ready to ship.

The story behind this cup:

This is the latest addition to my turquoise pottery with hand handle design. When I started making this pottery line about 10 years ago my ambition was to generate a warm, kind, happy feeling so that the emotional experience in use is a positive and satisfying one. The arm and hand humanises the cup creating not just something functional, but creating a live connection, a relationship, almost giving the work a life of its own. I personally experience that If I have a positive emotional connection with an object I naturally take care of it. We live in an era of mass production, consumption and disposal, which to me often feels careless or harmful. I resonate with human-scale production of bespoke and personally precious items. My belief is that simple acts, for example drinking a cup of tea or coffee, when subjected to the influence of positive design values such as connectivity, emotional worth and sustainability, contribute to the quality and experience of everyday life.


Pottery Cappuccino Cup. Hand Thrown Turquoise Coffee Cup. Hand handle

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