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  • When will my items be dispatched?
    Items in stock may take up to 5 business days before they are dispatched and shipped. Items are that made to order will take up to four weeks to process. Please check the product description to check whether the item is in stock or made to order.
  • How long will delivery take?
    Depending on the shipping services that are chosen and whether you live in the UK or a country outside the UK, the delivery time can vary from 1-4 working days within the UK, and up to 3 weeks outside of the UK.
  • Are the products dishwasher safe?
    Whether or not the product you are purchasing is dishwasher safe can be found out in the product description. Many of the products are dishwasher safe however some types of glaze such as that used in the Turquoise range are not. It is recommended that these are hand-washed.
  • Can the products be placed in a microwave?
    All of the products can be placed in a microwave without any damage being caused, apart from those with gold lustre. Details can be found in the product descriptions.
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