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Small hand thrown ceramic oil bottle and pourer.



- Size available: the capacity is of 10 ounces approx and a height of 9.5 cm with a width of 8cm.​These measurements are approximate as this is a handmade item and dimensions can vary slightly.

- Perfect for everyday use as oil bottle.

- Available in three colours: White, green or turquoise. 

- It is coated with a transparent glaze inside and a speckled glaze on the outside which varies from bottle to bottle. Sometimes it shows more or fewer speckles.

- Individually glazed, no two are the same.

- Dishwasher safe.

- Made from stoneware buff clay which contains iron and produces the lovely speckles.

- Food safe. Suitable for containing oil.

Product ready to ship.



- Wheel-thrown on the potter's wheel

- Individually glazed by hand pouring and dipping in the glaze. 

- Fired in the kiln twice - Once for it's bisque fire, ready for glazing. Second for its glaze fire (when the kiln heats up to 1250˚C).


- It is not made with moulds.

- It is not mass-produced ware.

- It is not safe from being on top of the stove (or any direct heat/flame).



Slight imperfections are a part of handmade pottery and add character to the mugs I make. This adds to the character, life and uniqueness of each piece.



I try to dispatch my orders within 3 to 5 working days if they are already made. 

In some cases the item may be in making process and it could take some more time to dispatch. If you have a specific deadline for your pottery to be with you, please let me know. 

All my packaging is either reused and/or biodegradable.

Ceramic Oil Pourer. Speckled white, green and turquoise.

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